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LEGO® Star Wars B-Wing Ultimate Collector Series 10227

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  • LEGO Star Wars B-Wing Ultimate Collector Series 10227
2-5 dagen

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€ 399,99
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Neem het op tegen het Rijk met de Ultimate Collector Series B-Wing Starfighter! Dit fantastische model beschikt over alles dat u zou verwachten van een Exclusive, waaronder een roterende cockpit en beweegbare vleugels voor de landing en de vlucht. Plaats deze zeer gedetailleerde B-Wing Starfighter op zijn eigen display standaard met informatieplaquette.


  • Een zeer gedetailleerd Ultimate Collector Series B-Wing Starfighter model
  • Voorzien van roterende cockpit
  • Inclusief display standaard met informatieplaquette
  • Afmetingen: 66 cm breed en 38 cm hoog in vliegstand, en 43 cm hoog bij op de display standaard
  1. Own one of the most unique starfighters in galaxy review by Donald on 15-05-2013

    I bought this during the May 4th promotion, so it was a tremendous value to me. At full price, I was very hesitant to buy this set despite my initial interest. Now that I have it, I would have no problems with the full price tag.
    Simply put, this set is amazing. You're not just paying for the pieces. You're buying into the wonderful engineering and creativity that went into the set. It floors me sometimes what can be accomplished using Lego and this set is no exception.
    This set is highly detailed and true to the actual fighter in the movie. After building this thing, I wish the B-wing fighter had more air-time in the classic trilogy. This thing is armed to the teeth! Three ion cannons! I mean common! The Empire doesn't stand a chance. You saw what a few shots from the ground-based ion cannon did to that Star Destroyer at the Battle of Hoth. Granted, the ones installed on the B-wing are the "lite" versions, but still... That's a lot of bum-whooping power that I would have loved to see.
    Alas, I digress. If you are collecting UCS models like me, you must have this. It is an impressively large model with lots of details. It is sturdy as a display model, but definitely not playable due to the heft and some delicate areas.
    Buy it and enjoy it!

  2. Must buy for the adult original series UCS fan review by Haderach on 08-05-2013

    There are a lot of varied reviews of this set on this site and across the web. I am a 37 year old guy who grew up with the original movies. I only buy UCS sets for display in my home and office and I don't collect mini figures or play sets. If you tend to align with my demographic, you should feel really good about buying this set. It is GORGEOUS on display. Independent of price, you will likely never find a large LEGO B-Wing "model" like this ever again. Feel really good about this purchase if you have the cash and align with my demographic to a large degree, it will look great in your collection.

  3. Nice looking, but poor design review by Marauder on 13-01-2013

    Overall, this is a nice looking model. There are a lot of unique building techniques used in the construction of this ship. However, this product does not live up to the other Lego building experiences.
    Unfortunately, the structural support used in the design is very poor. Common locking techniques used in the construction of other kits are not used here. As such, pieces do not tightly lock together, a single connection holds some things together and handling of the model is challenging. Also, several areas do not seem to join/meet as tight as they should.
    The kit is easy to put together with limited sorting required due to the number of parts bags. The only reason to make this 16+ is because the instructions are unclear in parts and the flimsiness of the halves makes joining the side more difficult than it needs to be for this type of build.
    There are a couple of other items to consider. The build itself is somewhat tedious since you're basically building multiples of the same thing for the halves of the ship. The approach for this is unique, but it's not as interesting as it would be if the ship was constructed another way. Also, I'm not sure why this would not be designed to be in mini figure scale. It should have been created in this scale instead of in the scale for the available parts.
    I'm glad to have built it, but unless you're a true fan, I don't recommend this product.

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