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LEGO® Creator Lighthouse Island 5770

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1-7 dagen

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Quick Overview

Use the binoculars as you peer out of the lighthouse for incoming ships! Press the roof to activate the LEGO® light brick and turn the handle to rotate the mirror to warn ships lost in the fog! Open the back of the lighthouse to access the stove and ladder. Once the ships are safe, rebuild into a boathouse to dock your motorboat or change into a seafood restaurant with a light-up oven to offer the sailors a warm meal.


  • Includes minifigure
  • Features jetty with motorboat, LEGO light brick, binoculars, stove, ladder, grill, 2 buildable seagulls and 2 fish
  • 3 models in 1: lighthouse rebuilds into a boathouse with lifeboat or seafood restaurant with fishing boat
  • Features LEGO light brick, rotating mirror and removable back for easy access
  • Lighthouse measures 10” (25cm) tall and 8” (20cm) wide
  • Boat measures over 4” (10cm) long and 2” (5cm) wide
  • Lifeboat House measures over 8” (21cm) long, 7” (16cm) wide and 5” (12cm) tall
  • Seafood Restaurant measures over 9” (23cm) long, 4” (12cm) wide and 5” (13cm) tall
2412263BlackRadiator Grille 1X2596
2420264BlackCorner Plate 1X2X2348
2555261BlackPlate 1X1 W. Up Right Holder364
30052612BlackBrick 1X1432
3021262BlackPlate 2X3655
3022266BlackPlate 2X2847
30232611BlackPlate 1X21024
3030261BlackPlate 4X10113
3034261BlackPlate 2X8427
3039269BlackRoof Tile 2X2/45°286
3460261BlackPlate 1X8372
3659261BlackBrick W. Bow 1X455
3710268BlackPlate 1X4845
3937261BlackRocker Bearing 1X2226
4032261BlackPlate 2X2 Round414
4161264BlackRoof Tile 3X3/25°28
4865261BlackWall Element 1X2X1157
6143265BlackBrick Ø16 W. Cross241
6636261BlackFlat Tile 1X6298
32001262Black1Plate 2X6 W. Holes109
41219664BlackRoof Tile 1X2/45°328
41440231BlackT-Beam W. Plate 1X2 W. Knob55
41530441BlackStee.Wheel Ø16 F/Console 2X279
41633341BlackRoof Tile 2X8/45°28
45481802BlackRoof Tile 1 X 2 X 2/3, Abs284
45663082BlackBrick 1X1X530
46269011BlackRound Plate Ø64X9.61
3707261BlackCross Axle 8M498
41774312BlackDouble Conical Wheel Z12 1M270
45630441Black2X1X3 Steering Knuckle Arm95
3035231Bright BluePlate 4X858
42782761Bright BlueSlide Shoe Round 2X235
46103051Bright BluePlate 16X163
46113731Bright BluePlate 6X1611
46299721Bright OrangeMini Upper Part No. 180111
2431211Bright RedFlat Tile 1X4228
3004216Bright RedBrick 1X2589
3005215Bright RedBrick 1X1381
3009211Bright RedBrick 1X6305
3010217Bright RedBrick 1X4408
3023211Bright RedPlate 1X2672
3024216Bright RedPlate 1X1225
3070212Bright RedFlat Tile 1X1178
36222113Bright RedBrick 1X3261
3623213Bright RedPlate 1X3225
3665212Bright RedRoof Tile 1X2 Inv.209
3666212Bright RedPlate 1X6274
3710213Bright RedPlate 1X4458
41784287Bright RedPlate 3X3, 1/4 Circle24
45346481Bright RedPlate 2X1 W/Holder,Vertical50
456744524Bright RedBrick 2X2W.Inside And Outs.Bow27
46125822Bright RedHinge 1X2 Lower Part11
60114642Bright RedHinge 1X2 Upper Part4
42271556Bright RedBush For Cross Axle289
2420242Bright YellowCorner Plate 1X2X2113
2431243Bright YellowFlat Tile 1X4191
3899241Bright YellowMug90
3938241Bright YellowPlate 1X2 (Rocking)25
6141244Bright YellowRound Plate 1X1295
6541241Bright YellowTechnic Brick 1X164
42016151Bright YellowBrick 1X2 M. 2 Holes Ø 4,8742
42601921Bright YellowPlate 2X4X18°29
42620931Bright YellowMini Head No. 38823
45012321Bright YellowPlate 1X2 W. Stick 3.1845
45273541Bright YellowLifebuoy With Knob30
45400402Bright YellowPlate 1X1 W/Holder Vertical73
45403842Bright YellowRoof Tile W. Lattice 1X2X2/336
42396012Bright Yellow1/2 Bush349
41831332Bright Yellowish GreenRound Plate 1X1211
3832282Dark GreenPlate 2X1038
42790591Dark GreenPlate 4X1228
45073112Dark GreenPlate 6X834
45292394Dark GreenNose Cone Small 1X187
42106394Dark Stone GreyTechnic Brick 1X1140
42107972Dark Stone GreyBrick W. Arch 1X1X1 1/396
42109341Dark Stone GreyMini Pixie Cap51
42110511Dark Stone GreyPrismatic Binoculars212
421108810Dark Stone GreyBrick 1X2315
42110962Dark Stone GreyRoof Tile 1X2 Inv.196
42111008Dark Stone GreyBrick 1X6187
42111067Dark Stone GreyRoof Tile 2X3/25°92
42443734Dark Stone GreyRoof Tile 1 X 1 X 2/3295
45430861Dark Stone GreyPlate 1X2 With Slide91
61179721Dark Stone GreyAngle Plate 1X2 / 2X2163
45085531Dark Stone GreyCross Axle 5,5 With Stop 1M.370
45601771Dark Stone GreyCross Axle 4M With End Stop81
41629161Earth BlueMini Lower Part238
42113498Medium Stone GreyBrick Corner 1X2X2124
42113501Medium Stone GreyRadiator Grille 1X2433
42113854Medium Stone GreyBrick 2X4254
42113893Medium Stone GreyBrick 1X1297
42113921Medium Stone GreyBrick 1X8118
42114093Medium Stone GreyRoof Tile 2X4/45°62
42114103Medium Stone GreyRoof Tile 2X2/45°180
42114126Medium Stone GreyRound Brick 1X1231
42114152Medium Stone GreyFlat Tile 1X1161
42115256Medium Stone GreyRound Plate 1X1442
42115496Medium Stone GreyFlat Tile 1X6243
42117732Medium Stone GreyRoof Tile 2X3/45°27
45148461Medium Stone GreyPlate 1X12105
45153692Medium Stone GreyPlate 1X2 W/Shaft Ø3.2148
45561571Medium Stone GreyPlate 1X2 W/Holder, Vertical215
45653934Medium Stone GreyPlate 2X2 W 1 Knob67
46416823Medium Stone GreyBrick 1X2 W. Horizontal Holder71
42118071Medium Stone GreyConnector Peg666
42111591Reddish BrownPlate 2X2 Round145
42111832Reddish BrownRound Brick 1X1197
42111861Reddish BrownPlate 2X4315
42112471Reddish BrownPlate 2X6175
42165819Reddish BrownRound Plate 1X1232
42254691Reddish BrownAngular Brick 1X1113
45043764Reddish BrownRoof Tile 1X1X2/3, Abs136
45619151Reddish BrownWooden Door 4X6 W/Window18
45958891Reddish BrownFrame 1X4X316
60318214Sand YellowCrossaxle 3M With Knob298
46118852Silver MetallicFish W. Knob71
46128281Silver MetallicPropeller W. 3 Blades Ø26.69
46243134TransparentBrick 1X2X5 - Tr.19
60240204TransparentGlass For Frame 1X2X255
61217871TransparentFx Light 2X3X1 1/3, Yellow19
30057474Transparent Fluorescent Reddish OrangeRound Plate 1X1 - Tr.249
30008444Transparent YellowPlate 1X1 - Tr.177
45673321Transparent YellowNose Cone Small 1X1 - Tr66
45418732Warm GoldLattic 1/2 For Frame 1X4X324
45418951Warm GoldCavity W. Leads27
3004011WhiteBrick 1X2794
3005018WhiteBrick 1X1536
3009011WhiteBrick 1X6432
3010013WhiteBrick 1X4603
3021015WhitePlate 2X3458
3022014WhitePlate 2X2574
3024016WhitePlate 1X1376
3622019WhiteBrick 1X3389
36230110WhitePlate 1X3308
3665018WhiteRoof Tile 1X2 Inv.260
3710015WhitePlate 1X4681
3794011WhitePlate 1X2 W. 1 Knob462
4477011WhitePlate 1X10163
4599018WhiteTap Ø4.9/6.475
4855011WhiteRoof Tile 4X2/18° Inv.23
61410112WhiteRound Plate 1X1446
41298364WhiteLight Sword - Blade60
41798742WhiteRight Plate 2X3 W/Angle110
41798752WhiteLeft Plate 2X3 W/Angle107
42247922WhitePlate 1X1 W/Tooth91
42495061WhitePlate 2X4X18°86
45043692WhiteRoof Tile 1X1X2/3, Abs354
45212104WhiteFrame 1X2X249
45419561WhiteFrame 1X4X695
45507458WhitePlate 3X3, 1/4 Circle31
45662564WhiteTooth Ø3.2 Shaft79
456744917WhiteBrick 2X2W.Inside And Outs.Bow66
46268822WhiteBrick 1X1 W. 2 Knobs10
46589731WhiteRoof Tile 4X4/45° Inv.33
60384508WhiteSkeleton, Leg112
41255542WhiteAngle Element, 180 Degrees [2]43
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